NewGroup Newsletter 28.3.2014

New Economy News: IPS Newsletter
March 28, 2014

How Much Renewable Energy is Possible?

Dear Friend,

According to David W. Cash, Commissioner at the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, New England has the ability to produce all of its own energy. Commissioner Cash claims that through increased off-shore wind power alone, this region could actually produce enough power for all of its own needs and even sell energy back to the national grid.

A huge part of the New Economy framework is not only the transition away from fossil fuels, but also a reduction in the demand for energy. Transitioning away from fossil fuels by increasing off-shore wind, while a step in the right direction, still comes at a cost. And what about ownership of renewable energy? As we increase sources of renewables, can we also create more community-owned energy?

Commissioner Cash will be speaking about this intriguing possibility during a webinar, hosted by the Institute for Policy Studies, on April 10 at 2pm ET. Join us then to learn more and discuss the possibilities for renewables.

To help frame these larger questions, we want to draw attention to two great new pieces: David Korten’s essay, “A New Story for a New Economy,” and a compelling conversation between Gar Alperovitz and Michael Albert. See the sections below for more details.


Noel Ortega
New Economy Coordinator
New Economy Working Group, IPS

Sarah Byrnes
Economic Justice Organizer
Inequality and the Common Good, IPS

A New Story for a New Economy

Earth Globe

David Korten, founder of Yes! Magazine, connects the work of finding a new sacred story with the effort to build a new economy.

By David Korten

read more

Gar Alperovitz and Michael Albert: A Conversation on Economic Visions

US Coins

Gar Alperovitz and Michael Albert have been at the forefront of efforts to design and build an economy beyond capitalism for decades – efforts that have become even more relevant in our age of economic and ecological crises. While both share a fundamental commitment to real democracy and true economic justice, the differences between Alperovitz and Albert’s respective models help illuminate what’s really at stake in system change. They recently sat down to better understand where their trajectories intersect or diverge.

By Gar Alperovitz and Michael Albert

read more

Speaking of Regional Resilience in New England

Regional Resilience Gathering

On March 15, IPS’s New England office convened a gathering of 65 folks from around the region to tackle a big question: How can we build region-wide resilience in New England? Our lively discussion resulted in nine fun and impactful Action Ideas.

Want to get involved or learn more?

Camp Commons: Living in the Transition – An Activist Family Summer Camp

Summer Camp

A fun way to build the New Economy is to go swimming with other folks who are also building it. (Or hiking or biking.) Meet lots of great folks this summer at Camp Commons – an Activist Family Summer Camp! Join IPS’s Chuck Collins and many others from July 17 – 20 at the World Fellowship Center in New Hampshire for hiking, sunbathing, swimming, and great discussions about the new economy, economic justice, and much, much more. Come for a day or the full weekend.

read more

Social Inequity vs. The Environment is a False Choice

Climate Change Drought

It’s time we stop pretending that inequality and environmental decline are two separate problems.

By Annie Leonard

read more


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