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February 28, 2014

Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Vampire Squids and Wall Street

Dear Friend,

What does Harry Potter have to do with Wall Street, let alone zombies and vampire squids? Read on and find out.

First the good news. Washington’s “deficit attention disorder” seems to finally be on the wane — at least in part. The Obama Administration’s recent decision to withdraw Social Security cuts from their proposed budget seems like a good sign.

And IPS played a major role in this epic battle by delegitimizing the most powerful multi-million dollar pro-austerity force on K St. — the “Fix the Debt” lobbying campaign. As John Cavanagh put it, “thanks to your help and support, over the past two years we’ve cranked out seven data-based reports and dozens of op-eds exposing the hypocrisy of this astroturf lobby group.” Hear, hear!

Secondly, here’s your fun social media trend for the week: #SharingSpring. Our great friends at Sharing Cities Network, Center for a New American Dream, OuiShare and dozens of local organizations have come together to support #SharingSpring. This initiative showcases methods of sharing resources that can be created and used by the public right away. They want to demonstrate that the world we want to live in is already here. See below for more info.

And finally:  zombies, Harry Potter, and vampire squids. Last week Harry Potter and Walking Dead celebrities teamed up to fight what Matt Taibbi calls the “Vampire Squid” — a.k.a., Wall Street. Check out the hilarious short video below — it’s going viral!

On a serious note: I ask you to take a moment of silence to remember a Civil Rights hero and a champion of the new economy — Chokwe Lumumba — and help us keep his legacy alive. Below is one of Lumumba’s very last interviews with Laura Flanders.


Noel Ortega
New Economy Coordinator
New Economy Working Group, IPS

VIDEO: Harry Potter, Walking Dead celebrities team up to promote Wall Street tax

Robin Hood Tax

Forget flesh-eating zombies and Lord Voldemort, celebrities from Harry Potter movies and the Walking Dead TV show are now going up against some real power. In this short film, some of Europe’s biggest film stars promote a financial transaction tax, which Wall Street lobbyists and their European counterparts fiercely oppose.

Join the #SharingSpring


In the spirit of #SharingSpring, local groups around the world are organizing ShareFests – an awesome event model that unifies and strengthens local sharing communities and provides a powerful, firsthand experience of how sharing can transform your life. The Sharing Cities Network is providing a Toolkit, a webinar, and more to help you with your ShareFest.  If you would like more information about ShareFests, sign up here to coordinate one and be connected with other volunteers in your area.

Here are some resources to give you a great running start:

  1. ShareFest Toolkit
  2. Webinar (The Center for a New American Dream is hosting a webinar with experienced ShareFest organizers on Thurs, March 6th, at 11am PST/1pm CST/2pm EST. Sign up now as space is limited.
  3. Sharing Cities Network Facebook Group

Contact with any questions.

Remembering Chokwe Lumumba

Chokwe LumumbaCan you be a revolutionary and a mayor? Chokwe Lumumba — who spent eight months as mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, before he died this Tuesday — did his best to be both. By Laura Flanders (YES! Magazine)

read more

Musician Peter Buffett, Son of Famed Investor, Confronts Gross Injustices of American Capitalism

Peter BuffetEconomist Gar Alperovitz talks to Buffett about how to create a new system from the ground up. By Peter Buffet and Gar Alperovitz

read more

A Devil’s Bargain on the Climate

Green Climate FundWill the Green Climate Fund – the UN body tasked with funding the transition to a clean-energy, climate-resilient future in the developing world – invest in fossil fuels? By Janet Redman and Oscar Reyes

read more


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