NEWGroup Newsletter 15.4.2014

New Economy News: IPS Newsletter
April 25, 2014

Real Wealth Living Economies

Dear friend,

I learned at an early age that the richest citizens in the United States have ruled this country since its inception. Big money calls the shots in elections, and Supreme Court rulings recently equated money with speech and the rights of corporations with the rights of persons.

I’ve also learned that as long as big money controls the political process, our economic rules and priorities will continue to favor the interests of big money and we will continue to deal with stagnant wages, unequal labor rights, wasteful consumption, and climate chaos.

And I’ve come to realize that in order to change the rules to favor real wealth living economies, we must replace the plutocracy we have (one-dollar one-vote rule by big money and big business) with real democracy (one-person one-vote rule by local people and communities).

I’m proud to say our close friends and allies are pushing for exactly this.

The Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, the National Domestic Workers Alliance, and National People’s Action are organizing actions on April 28 in Washington that will target the NRA – National Restaurant Association – and several other corporations that have undue influence over our political system. This national action is happening the day before the NRA kicks off its annual lobby days on April 29 – 30, aimed at blocking a raise in the minimum wage.

In support of these actions, IPS released a new report “Restaurant Industry Pay: Taxpayers’ Double Burden.” It focuses on the top 20 largest corporate members of the NRA and finds that they received $232 million in taxpayer subsidies for CEO pay in 2012-2013. As you know, taxpayers also subsidize these corporations through public assistance for their low-wage workers.

I also want to invite you to join my friends and me at the CommonBound conference in June. See below for details.

Onward and Upward!

Noel Ortega
New Economy Coordinator
New Economy Working Group, IPS

Join Us at CommonBound, June 6-8, 2014


Over 600 activists, youth, students, and leaders will converge in Boston for CommonBound, June 6-8, 2014. Let’s come together as a movement to create sustainable businesses, share knowledge and resources, and build resilient and democratic communities.

Click here to check out the program and list of speakers.

Check Out this Interactive Map on Energy Democracy for All

Interactive Map

This week, the Center for Social Inclusion launched this interactive map that pinpoints communities across the U.S. that are innovating how to build their local economies while addressing climate change by developing community-scale renewable energy projects.

The map is based on research CSI did on community-operated and driven energy projects and highlights over 100 projects that are rooted in communities, with a particular lens toward communities of color. This map is not complete so please contact CSI to add projects.

Great Transition Initiative Launches New Website

Great Transition Initiative logo

Great Transition Initiative is advancing a vision of a future rooted in human solidarity, well-being for all, and ecological sustainability. Its reimagined website — — serves as a platform for exploring bold visions and change strategies.

Join Our Webinar: How to Measure Progress? Replacing GDP with the “Genuine Progress Indicator”

Jamaica Plain logo

What if we defined economic success not by the money we spent and the goods we consumed, but by the quality of life we create?

Stories from Maryland, the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub, and Vermont

Register for our webinar on Thursday, May 22 at 12pm ET

Fixing and Expanding the Estate Tax: Intervening to Reduce Wealth Inequality

Vanderbilt Mansion

Fixing the estate tax could be the single most important intervention in reducing wealth dynasties in the U.S.

By Chuck Collins, IPS

read more


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