Dual economies.

A model for the formulation of a macroeconomic theory for the transition to a New Economy.

The English version of a study I have written consolidating part of my work for this blog is available at “Dual economies – study“.

The study tries to show that the productive system has evolved much beyond the so called market economy, that this understanding turns evident that deep transformations are on its way affecting the economic and social systems, that a new theory is necessary to reflect this changing reality and that a less comprehensive one, but more urgent, is needed to orient the transition.

I count with your contribution with comments, suggestions and criticisms, either formal or of its content.

I observe that the study is not a guide to change but part of an effort to build adequate theories for such. As I have insisted, change will occur through civil society, organized for political action, with, it’s clear, different segments expressing the variety of thought currents that, working together, in most cases, can force the existent political and social organizations to change, and not, the other way around. This is, by the way, the evident outspread of the more recent worldwide succession of protests that, vainly, politicians try to take profit from.


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